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The climate summit in Paris of December 2015 went to the wire. Unlike most...

The President (1/38) - COP21 - Kevin HAYDEN
The President

Laurent Fabius getting and taking last minutes notes and advice. The decision has not yet been made. We would have to wait a further 3 hours. It was long!

The secretary (2/38) - COP21 - Kevin HAYDEN
The secretary

I worked at the COP 21 and had the great opportunity to get behind the scenes for a few days. To say these people worked tirelessly is an understatement if ever there was one. The days started and 5 or 6 am and went on into the morning sometimes we finished up at 6am. Sleep was not on the agenda, Read more

Mr Moon & Mr Gore (3/38) - COP21 - Kevin HAYDEN
Mr Moon & Mr Gore

Now that the office has changed and with it all interest in saving the planet from overheating and pollution. I can understand the deflation of the US based EPA whose operation has been basically shut down by the new administration. We should not let this happen. the outcry like the COP21 agreement Read more

COP21 (9/38) - Kevin HAYDEN

This climate summit was as close as it gets. The final agreement didn't arrive until the literal last minute. It was an occasion of huge importance to us all moreover to the people who worked tirelessly for months behind the scenes. I was truly privileged to be able to witness some of the Read more