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Beautiful Burmese

Beautiful Burmese - Chin lady with tattoos
Chin lady with tattoos
Beautiful Burmese - Walking the line
Walking the line
Beautiful Burmese - The old government Building
The old government Building
Beautiful Burmese - Yangon Skyline
Yangon Skyline
Beautiful Burmese - Dumping Rubbish
Dumping Rubbish

I walked through the camp from morning until night. Taking in the sights, sounds and smells of this labyrinth type refugee camp. I met some people who spoke enough English to tell me of the crime and corruption that goes on there. From stories of rape, which go unpunished to the poor quality rice they have to live on. The seeming lack of publicity or aid they seem to receive. And for some, after twentyfive years they have given up hope.

Beautiful Burmese - Pa O Lady
Pa O Lady


Beautiful Burmese - Pa O Tribesman
Pa O Tribesman


Beautiful Burmese - Inle boats at sunset
Inle boats at sunset

Myanmar, Burma. The boats on Inle lake look handmade, are handmade but go through the water with speed and style.

Beautiful Burmese - Inle boat man
Inle boat man

It's a wonderful trip to make and a must do if in Myanmar/Burma

Beautiful Burmese - The sunrise on Inle
The sunrise on Inle

It's a magic time of day anywhere, but in Myanmar it's more so.

Beautiful Burmese - Inle Sunset 2
Inle Sunset 2
Beautiful Burmese - Waking up in Mandalay
Waking up in Mandalay

He may have no home to speak of, but he has pride and self respect.

Beautiful Burmese - Shwebo lady
Shwebo lady

As I prepared to eat a wonderful meal I looked around and saw this image that had to be captured. You could say I once again saw the light.

Beautiful Burmese - Mandalay cooks
Mandalay cooks

I wish we had this in Paris!

Beautiful Burmese - The Nun
The Nun

A wonderful and hard working nun who has done so much for the people of the Delta region who were made homeless after the hurricane Nargis in 2008. She and her convent have done much, but there's lots more to do! Can you help?

Beautiful Burmese - A Moment in Mandalay
A Moment in Mandalay

This thoughtful young worker was pondering her future perhaps?

Beautiful Burmese - Inle Lake Rower
Inle Lake Rower

It was a cold foggy morning on the lake, and my levels of inspiration were low and cold until I spotted this young man.

Beautiful Burmese - The Delta Homes
The Delta Homes

The Delta region which was destroyed by hurricane Nargis in 2008 is still badly in need of aid, both medical and financial!

Beautiful Burmese - Inle Sunrise
Inle Sunrise

It was still cold and grey, but the rays of sunshine coming over the mountains made for some wonderful images.

Beautiful Burmese - U Bein Bridge
U Bein Bridge

There's nothing like the sunset at the U Bein bridge. Trouble is the monks so like speaking english you risk missing it.

Beautiful Burmese - Ayerwaddy Boats
Ayerwaddy Boats

The low water levels of the Ayerwaddy are worrying, caused by the damn levels are dangerously low. Even the small boats get stuck on sandbanks.

Beautiful Burmese - Bush my freind
Bush my freind

This young man speaks four languages, is the most entrepreneurial and enterprising person I have met in Myanmar/Burma yet languishes in a refugee camp.
Lots of laws but little justice!

Beautiful Burmese - Myitkyna Girl
Myitkyna Girl
Beautiful Burmese - Inle Lake
Inle Lake
Beautiful Burmese

The shop. She pulled out a chair so I could eat and drink. No need to speak.

Beautiful Burmese

Shy beauty. Hiding in a village that is hidden from the world and it's toxins.

Beautiful Burmese

The novice

Beautiful Burmese

Sleeping on the floor where they stop naturally