Photography in Paris

The idea was to write about photography and the over complicated way most people agonise
about how to compose the photo, and where should they stand in order to get more into the photo. On my tours around Paris my mantra is, less is more, and the best photos are simple!
I don't get bogged down with the rules of thirds, fibonacci and pyramids or spirals I rather talk about the rule of no rules.
It is art! And we take photos that please us. I'm not out walking the streets every day with my camera thinking I'll take this photo to please uncle Bob or auntie Ann, I'm there for purely selfish reasons, to be please myself. Do it for you!
I take photos that touch me, that communicate in a non verbal way how I feel, how I see the world today, and if someone else finds them pleasing that is all the more satisfying for me.
But if no one likes my photo that is fine too! All that matters is that I like it and that I'm pleased and satisfied with myself about what I have documented in my photos of that day or minute or however long I've been looking through the viewfinder.
To thine own self be true.
If you want to join me on a tour of your favourite part of Paris or further afield (I love Champagne) email me
and I'll be happy to help you to discover another way to "see".

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