Paris to Cornwall

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 - 12:56 AM

Destination weddings. In a word, Love! I love everything about them. The buzz of the prep for the voyage, all the Skype chats, visa and paper work, contracts scanned and emailed etc etc. Then I always take a few extra days, hire a car and tour the area. Cornwall was dark and foreboding, the clouds pressed down on the rolling hills along the Cornish coast and produced a light only fit for portraits of sheep. The day arrived and I was in form.
The preparation photos are always a fun warm up and I always try to include this in all my weddings as it helps the bride and myself to get used to each other, it also makes a lighthearted start to the album. Into the church and fingers crossed the reverend/priest/priestess is in good form and doesn't hate photographers. This lady priest was ok, she made clear her wishes and I managed to respect them. This wedding has been the first one to inspire me. It's not often I love my own work. I look back at that wedding and I feel very satisfied with my work and the fun I had.
The one thing I should have done was to confirm that the driver of the Rolls knew where he was going! He didn't! So we had less time for photos. I do up my game for every wedding, if not I'd feel like I'm going backwards and this one was a cracker! The day was great, the night was long but I got it in the bag and backed up onto 2 external hard drives and back to Paris silky smooth

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