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The Girl & Pearl

The Girl & Pearl

This beautiful young lady came to the show in Atlanta, and ended up in the show. (Next one).

The Girl & Pearl - Sherane

This morning I unknowingly disturbed Sherane from her sleep as I shot photos of her cousin Hanni in her Paris apartment. We got great shots, had fun doing so then Hanni had to run to work, or so she thought. Sherane surfaced and with encouragement from Hanni posed as she was. I gave her the pearl earring and voila! Not bad, wish I looked that good anytime!

The Girl & Pearl - Sherane New Jersey
Sherane New Jersey
The Girl & Pearl - Beautiful Hanni
Beautiful Hanni
The Girl & Pearl - Pretty Eolia
Pretty Eolia
The Girl & Pearl - Moment of magic
Moment of magic
The Girl & Pearl - Cecile my Star
Cecile my Star