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Portraiture - Kevin Hayden
Kevin Hayden
Portraiture - L'homme de la mer
L'homme de la mer

We had just finished a fine Mexican dinner and the light was such that I just couldn't resist asking my fellow invited guests whom I'd only just met to pose for me. The natural light made things easier and we shared a jovial time before the armagnac was served.

Portraiture - Paris business man
Paris business man
Portraiture - The busy exec
The busy exec

Paris being the huge commercial center that it is there's always a demand for photo shoots on the road.

Portraiture - Père Lachaise avec Ekin
Père Lachaise avec Ekin

Paris et le cimetière du Père Lachaise avec Ekin qui voulait des portraits pour son livre d'acteur

Portraiture - Beau Mexicain à Paris
Beau Mexicain à Paris

Alain est Franco / Mexicain, son histoire d'amour de grands-parents est digne d'Hollywood. Pendant son séjour à Paris, je l'ai invité à mon studio pour un tournage rapide qu'il a aimablement accepté. Comme beaucoup, il était timide, il n'a pas l'habitude d'être photographié dans un studio aussi formel, mais je rigole (sens de l'humour irlandais) et il ne fallut pas longtemps avant d'avoir de superbes images.

Portraiture - Pre wedding shoot with Robert n Ludo
Pre wedding shoot with Robert n Ludo

The setting sun, the Louvre, two handsome guys my job was very easy. It's been several months now since I shot these and the wedding photos and I still enjoy the fun and laughter of these two guys whom I now consider friends.


Un shooting de mariage pour Robert et Ludo autour du musée du Louvre Paris

Portraiture - Paris Fashion
Paris Fashion
Portraiture - Champagne Beauty
Champagne Beauty

This was taken on the quays of Paris next to pont d'Alma my clients braved the cold very courageously and together we produced some fine images. Bryn's comments on my website were very touching indeed.

Portraiture - Pierre-Henri getting the job
Pierre-Henri getting the job
Portraiture - Sabrina the Curator
Sabrina the Curator
Portraiture - Aine fine actress
Aine fine actress
Portraiture - Clara Louna Fontainebleau
Clara Louna Fontainebleau

Fontainebleau, France.


A little bit of directing and we got "the" shot!

Portraiture - Paris Dancers
Paris Dancers
Portraiture - Love is the greatest thing
Love is the greatest thing