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Workshops - Burma/Mandalay

No matter where I run workshops from France, Italy, Ireland or Burma the fun, learning and adventures are always a part of it.

Workshops - U Bein Bridge at the pearl of the day
U Bein Bridge at the pearl of the day

As always sunrise and sunset are magical hours but not the only hours to shoot

Workshops - Mandalay cots
Mandalay cots
Workshops - Tree lined Champagne
Tree lined Champagne
Workshops - Canal keepers lodge
Canal keepers lodge
Workshops - Normandy Chateau Tocqueville
Normandy Chateau Tocqueville
Workshops - Spring blooms
Spring blooms
Workshops - Sula Pagoda Yangon
Sula Pagoda Yangon
Workshops - Charming Buddhist nun
Charming Buddhist nun
Workshops - Pico de Orizaba
Pico de Orizaba

Oh Mexico, you just gotta go.

Workshops - Cantona
Workshops - Spirits live on
Spirits live on

The energy of these prehispanic sites is extraordinary. It somehow intoxicates you that you have to sit down and surrender to it. It makes it hard to leave such peace.

Workshops - Laughing happy kids of Burma
Laughing happy kids of Burma

What a joy they made every day for our tour. Always ready to play and laugh.


Still life and fine art is a genre of photography I don't teach because it's time consuming and very much trial and error with the lighting set up, and generally an individually previsualised subject with personal preferences for the style of ambiance you want.


I always start with colour and convert to B & W in LR6 or photoshop

Workshops - Champagne Field
Champagne Field

On my last landscape workshop we ventured into the vineyard to see where this "nectar of the Gods" comes from. The family of Alain Bedel in Charly sur Marne made us feel welcome as always. And the Champagne degustation was welcome treat.

Workshops - Bellau Wood
Bellau Wood

Contemplative or zen photography is something I've been trying for years now. In keeping with the way I also try to live my life, and today my life is charmed, maybe something has worked without me even noticing. I believe so.

Workshops - Ireland Tours/workshops
Ireland Tours/workshops
Workshops - The Turf Cutter
The Turf Cutter

Every Spring time the people in the highlands of Co Donegal save turf for their fires which will serve them most of the Winter. It's a long arduous process. Mr Boyle seen here is taking of the top making it ready for cutting after the frosts. If the frost hits the cut turf it destroys it. After cutting it is stacked and left to dry in the sun it forms a protective skin which will preserve it.


Fanad Head lighthouse in Co Donegal is an area of extraordinary beauty. Famed for the second most beautiful beach in the world according to National Geographic.

Workshops - Wild Atlantic Way
Wild Atlantic Way

'With very little rain for two months the waterfalls are testing.
Wendy Smith Well we arent quite done yet, but I would like to thank Kevin Hayden for his time, dedication, passion, skill, and knowledge for what has been an amazing photography workshop tour of co Donegal, Ireland!!!!' Thanks Wendy! X

Workshops - Slieveleague cliffs of romance
Slieveleague cliffs of romance

The highest cliffs in Europe at Slieve League, Co Donegal are one of the highlights of my workshops.
Wendy Smith : I would like to thank you for your time, dedication, passion, skill, and knowledge for what has been an amazing photography workshop tour of co Donegal, Ireland!!!!

Workshops - Fanad and the hills of Donegal
Fanad and the hills of Donegal

Fanad Head where over 400 ships sank during the 1st world war. My friend Eamon is the lighthouse keeper and we are privileged to get tours inside when he's around.

Workshops - After the peacock
After the peacock

I chanced upon this farm, and what a lucky chance it was! The owner arrived and released a collection of hens, geese, peacocks and ducks the likes I have never seen before. I will be going back. We left with fresh organic duck eggs and an invitation to return.


After the long cold spell the snow remains on the mountains.

Workshops - Majestic Errigal
Majestic Errigal

Looking like a volcano mount Errigal makes a great subject from every angle.

Workshops - The Three of them
The Three of them

Limited to only three delegates my workshops are friendly and intimate. A comment from last week.
Kevin - this was truly an amazing experience. I could not imagine a better introduction to Ireland and Donegal than this week with you. Your insights and your exuberant love for this magical place will stay with me forever. Looking forward to more workshops with you!