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The carriers

The carriers - Myanmar/Burma 2013
Myanmar/Burma 2013

It was a hot and humid day in Yangon, I stopped for some tea among some dockers. Having grown up among dockers I recognise their particular look. Seldom open or friendly for fear they'd lose their place and money. I tried without success to get images unseen so I threw caution to the wind and got up close. Jumping out of their way was not so easy, even with 50KG sacks on their backs their bare feet moved quicker than me and my sandals.

The carriers - Whistle blown
Whistle blown

The ship arrived heavily laden with rice, it seemed as if it would take on water if another bag was loaded. The ship tied up quickly, the men who had been drinking tea and smoking cheroots started to move, their waiting was over. The order rang out and each man marched straight, grabbed a sack and a straw to count the number of bags he had hauled, they get paid per bag.

The carriers - He was victorious
He was victorious
The carriers - Rice from afar
Rice from afar

The ship was deck to ceiling and down below sacks full of rice from Thailand. Once Burma was the biggest supplier of rice in the world. The Delta region being known to have the best rice in the world.