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Forgotten Refugees

Forgotten Refugees - Young monks
Young monks
Forgotten Refugees - The Broken Nose
The Broken Nose

Maybe it's the culture of men beating women, that leads to the women beating their children? I don't know? But I met so many children with broken and infected noses it begs the question! This young lady, already in the prison of a refugee camp no longer leaves her home because of her broken and deformed nose. A self-imposed house arrest.

Forgotten Refugees - Children have children
Children have children

For young girls in this camp with no hope of education or career, the only option is to get married and bear children. Fragile security.

Forgotten Refugees - Tea time in the camp
Tea time in the camp

Tea time in the camp means boys and girls go and collect water for cooking and cleaning. The men go home after their day gambling on cock fights and chewing the narcotic betel leaves.

Forgotten Refugees - The Girls Load
The Girls Load

The men stand and watch while these girls struggle to carry their loads.

Forgotten Refugees - Not really Paradise
Not really Paradise

From here it certainly looks good. When you get up close hold your nose and close your eyes. You may weep and vomit at the same time.

Forgotten Refugees - Alone

Left alone to play in the dirt, these twins expressions were blank and emotionless. Even when I returned with food and sweets they could not register and emotion, apart from this blank stare. I wanted to take them home. I wept, I still weep.

Forgotten Refugees - In Urgent Need
In Urgent Need

Tens of thousands of Burmese children live like this because of religious differences and political persecution.

Forgotten Refugees - Sad Face
Sad Face
Forgotten Refugees - So Sad
So Sad

So many children left unattended, uncared for, abandoned by our standards! I console myself with, "what you never had you never missed". But that doesn't make it right!

Forgotten Refugees - The bottle Boy
The bottle Boy
Forgotten Refugees - The Family & Friends
The Family & Friends
Forgotten Refugees - The Family & the Girl
The Family & the Girl